The Quirkiness of the “Living” Room

Recently I came across a very quirky version of the definition of the “LIVING ROOM”. It covers up for the years it has been known as the “DEATH ROOM”. In the days of World War, this front room of the house used to house dead bodies for mourning.

As years went by and the conditions improved , the house could no further accommodate the vocabulary of the “DEATH” room so it lent a new terminology ; the opposite- a “LIVING “ room –a room for living people.

Interior design

The context and the placement never altered much though. It still housed people, the guests, still was near the entrance,still a prelude to the private spaces of the houses and still a connect of the interior with the exterior.Soon a space for mourning became a space for entertaining and comforting.
Accomplishing those calming space in house calls for a connection with the greens both physical and visual. Such concepts can even clear a cramped interior to an aesthetically pleasing space. The space needs to be planned according to the requirements of the family. It is as important as the aesthetics of a house and as personal as unique as a family’s desires. At Idearch Architects Jalandhar, we saw a deep understanding of integration of greens in every part of the house. Reinventing residential design, at Idearch you don’t merely add innovative materials to your house but vibrant “LIVING” spaces too.

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