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Understanding the concept of “Light and Space”

“Study of Light and Shade” bracket together as the first thing to designing a built up environment. Architects have always tried to put forth theories about this ethereal quality of light by attributing all qualities in form of a building to the shades, reflections and textures, it creates on the skin and inside; when exposed to sun.
Architect Le Corbusier calls architecture, “a game of the forms exploiting play of light” and it’s” magnificence” the quality of the play.
It’s interesting when we talk of the timeless way of building we do discuss the broad features that outline principles of beauty but never do we really count the quality of light which can be a subtle yet important factor to its “timelessness”.

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Moving towards the idea of spatial arrangements and light quality comes forth the idea of instilling this timeless quality in the young design minds.
Unaware of its intangible quotient prompting the young minds to explore more on an artistic front may help in rediscovering this quality.
Spatial design may be prompted by exploring a more art oriented and practical exercise. How the light changes from a small crack in a dark space to a large window a spacious showroom; to how it changes during different weathers and time zones.
Small paper exercises may prompt students to collect their ideas aesthetically and help them explore the vast potential of Light and Space in Architecture.

Blog written by:Tara Sharma Singla

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