Understanding Campus Planning

Campus designing is just not about the placing of blocks and Greenfield development , rather it tells about the accurate functioning of large space where multiple minute spaces are interlinked with each other to give an integrated feel of well-designed campus.
Its comprises of well-connected road network which should be designed so as to save time for pedestrians also avoid sprawl and habitat destruction by building on or near developed land.
Placement of individual blocks should be done as per the usage in context to the surrounding blocks, and also orientation of that particular block should be done as to optimise the use of natural resources.
Design should enhance the quality of indoor air and allow penetration of light so as to make design sustainable and this will encourage surrounding environment.
Calculation of financial parameters should be incorporated in the early design that can help in further detailed design and this will help to maintain economical resource of campus project alsosustainable materials should be used so that they can be further reused or recycled in context of landscapes and other designs.

Prepared by- The New Jersey higher education
Partnership for sustainability & Sustainable design collaborative LLC
Blog written by: Abhishek Tripathi

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